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Merlin was incorporated as a venture company in Seoul, Korea in October, 2010. Merlin launched Indoor-LBS(Location Based System) Safety solution and registered 6 LBS related Patents in 2011 and 2012.

Merlin implemented Indoor-LBS safety System in SK Hynix in 2014.

Merlin launched MIoT-based Choking Disaster Safety Control Solution and applied MIoT related Patents in 2015. Merlin is going to implement pilot project of MIoT-based Disaster Safety Control Solution with S-Electronics company in Korea in December, 2015.

Merlin IoT system is unique and advanced IoT-based Disaster Safety Control Solution. We plan to aggressively expand our market to overseas with our partners together, and are looking for partners who are providing Safety equipment.

We will share our solution with our partners and help our partners to expand to Safety solution market in a short time and strengthen competitiveness, and satisfy clients¡¯ safety manager¡¯s requirements with our integrated safety control solution.

We appreciate your attention on our solution, and are looking forward to cooperating with our esteemed partners worldwide soon.

Sincerely, Merlin Co. Ltd. #325, B-dong, Hyundai Knowledge Industry Center, 70, Dusan-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, 153-813, Korea